Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Best Practices in Environmental Communication: A Case Study of Louisiana's Coastal Crisis

Our environmental communication research funded by the LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio is now published in Environmental Communication.
This mixed-method case study of environmental communication best practices in Louisiana, USA, identifies trends and approaches as informed by environmental psychology. The results provide key insights for environmental communicators, especially communicators in coastal regions. In-depth interviews with both environmental psychologists and environmental communicators showed that both groups emphasized knowing the audience, telling local stories, building relationships with target audiences and targeted messaging. Both psychologists and communicators also frequently mentioned general messaging concerns of source credibility, avoiding controversial terms and talking about issues, impacts and solutions to which the target audience can relate. A representative survey revealed that Louisiana residents are most interested in hearing about how environmental issues such as climate change, coastal land loss and flooding are affecting their own communities. This finding supports the idea that environmental communicators could do a better job tapping into strong place attachment and sense of community among coastal residents to promote action.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

My notes from the "Behavior, Energy & Climate Change" meetings

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Applying visual basics to coastal environmental communication

We received the National Association of Science Writers Idea Grant to hold a visual storytelling workshop at Manship School of Mass Communication in April (2015). The workshop is called “Telling Stories and Using Visuals for Coastal Environmental Communication” and invited experts from landscape architecture, digital communication, photography, and data visualization. Below is my talk on "Applying Visual Basics to Coastal Environmental Communication" in which I am covering how to develop digital storytelling skills through working with images, graphics, storyboarding, and movie makingTo watch the rest of the videos please visit our website Show Me the Coast.

Videos from Show Me the Coast Workshop are uploaded!

Video archives of Show Me the Coast morning talks from our workshop on May 1st are now available online. The remaining session videos will be available soon, and will be posted to showmethecoast2015.wordpress.com.

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